Hospitality IT Management

Tech Hospotality in your Hotel's 24/7 Technology Department

IT Security / PCI DSS 3.1

Partner with top Hospitality Industry IT Security Team to protect your Guest's Information. Protect your Hotel's Brand and ensure PCI DSS 3.1 Compliance. We're here to help!

Flat-Fee Hospitality IT Management

Compliment your existing IT department to allow them focus on Priorities, or allow us to demonstrate our excellence at IT Management and implement our unique Impress Your Guests IT process.

Guest Wi-Fi Engineering

Your guests won't stay anywhere else after experiencing blazing speeds and quality of your Wi-Fi.


By perfecting Technology to exceed their expectations.
Using Processes to reduce and eliminate guest's negative experience related to Technology and to increase hotel's comtetitive advantage.
Executing on Eliminating potential issues that are WITHIN OUR CONTROL instead of counting on Luck and Ignoring the RED FLAGSā€.

Impress Your

IT Management

IT Operations

Corporate Office IT Operation

Operate Lean & Eficiently

Minimize Liability

Technology Strategy Planning

IT Management Accountability

Is YOUR hotel ready to use Technology to Impress your guests? Let us show you how!

Our Clients

The Hotel Council of San Francisco recently started working with Tech Hospitality for our own offices and we couldn't be more satisfied with their expertise and customer service. Serge and his team are always ready and available to troubleshoot our problems or advise us on our IT needs. Our IT operations have never run better, thanks to Tech Hospitality.

Hotel Council of San Francisco,

Kevin Carroll, Executive Director

Working with Tech Hospitality has been such a great experience for us. Every time we have needed their help, they have assisted us immediately, regardless of the time and day, and they understand that as a business this is extremely important. They are extremely efficient and professional and I can't imagine working with anyone else. They definitely know what they are doing and they understand what works better for us according to our needs.

Hotel Des Arts,

Samantha Felix, General Manager

Tech Hospitality is the answer for any size business, I had in house tech support for a number of years and I never got the fast response or the knowledge from my in-house guy that I get from Tech Hospitality. They know their stuff and they get it done in the timeframe and the budget that you need.

DKR Partners,

Christopher M. Rosas, Founder

We have been engaged with Tech Hospitality for several years now and are extremely satisfied with their services. They provided us with an array of IT solutions to make our business run with more efficiency, saving our team valuable time and our Company financial savings.

Engage Hospitality,

David Chin, CEO/President

Any & All businesses should hire Tech Hospitality instantly! Why? Because the team of IT Masters are dependable, trustworthy, intelligent, cost conscious and they get the job done. Engage Hospitality & Personality Hotels Collection has been working with Tech Hospitality for more than 5 years. I wish I found them sooner. The hotel business is 24/7, and Tech Hospitality is 100% present/hands on INSTANTLY. Tech Hospitality is the definition of extreme service and connection.

Personality Hotels,

Yvonne Detert

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